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Error 770 - The remote machine rejected the connection attempt.

Usually when the remote computer rejects your connections attempt, it will usually tell you why, "ie: timeout, authentication failed, etc..). But this error just says that your connection was rejected..

Check your phone number you are dialing first just to make sure it is correct.

Next think back, have you installed anything, or changed any windows or modem settings?

I'd suggest lowering the speed of your modem to 57600 or better yet, 38400, and try it again.

Initialization Strings might also help stability as well.

Another trick if the modem handshaking is going on for a long time, add a few comas after the phone number and see if that extra couple of seconds is enough for the modems to establish a connection.

Possibly reinstalling your modem drivers if you feel something has happened to your modem and its drivers..

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