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OT/PPP (Open Transport) Error Codes For MacOS.

7102      OT/PPP did not load properly at system start up. 
7103      OT/PPP could not set up a port.
7104      OT/PPP is out of memory.
7105      The requested action is not supported.
7106      One or more resources are missing from OT/PPP's installed files.
7107      The Remote Access Connections file is not compatible with the installed version of OT/PPP.
7108      An action requiring a connection was requested when there was no connection.
7109      The connection attempt or established connection was terminated by the user.
7110      The user name is unknown.
7111      The password is invalid.
7112      An unexpected error with no useful information has occurred.
7113      One or more of the installed OT/PPP files is damaged.
7114      The requested action could not be performed because OT/PPP was busy.
7115      The OT/PPP logical port is in an unknown state. 
7116      The OT/PPP logical port is in an invalid state. 
7117      The OT/PPP logical port has detected an invalid serial protocol.
7118      Login is disabled for the given user.
7120      The server administrator requires the user to enter a password.
7122      OT/PPP could not initialize Open Transport.
7123      The requested action could not be performed because OT/PPP is not fully initialized yet.
7124      TCP/IP is inactive and cannot be loaded.
7125      TCP/IP is not yet configured.
7126      PPP is not selected as the TCP/IP interface in the current TCP/IP configuration.
7128      The requested PPP protocol was rejected by the PPP peer.
7129      PPP authentication failed.
7130      PPP negotiation failed.
7131      PPP was disconnected locally.
7132      The PPP peer disconnected unexpectedly.
7133      The PPP peer is not responding.
7134      The OT/PPP log file is not open.
7135      The OT/PPP log file is already open.
7136      The OT/PPP log entry could not be retrieved.
7138      OT/PPP can not locate the active System Folder. 
7139      OT/PPP can not locate its Preferences folder.
7140      There is a preexisting file using an OT/PPP type or creator.
7141      There is a preexisting folder using an OT/PPP folder name and location.
7142      The Remote Access Connections file is not open. 
7144      An unknown PPP control protocol type was received. 
7145      PPP received a packet with an invalid length.
7146      PPP received a negotiable option with an invalid value.
7147      PPP received a negotiable option with invalid flags.
7148      PPP ran out of memory while negotiating with the peer.
7152      PPP encountered an error with no useful information.
7153      PPP is in an invalid state.
7163      The user canceled the password entry dialog.
7164      The user did not respond to the password entry dialog in time.
7165      An unknown Open Transport serial port was referenced.
7166      The OT/PPP logical port is not configured.
7167      No AppleTalk services endpoints are available.
7168      The user canceled the modem script ASK or the Manual Dialing dialog.

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