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Thank you for visiting windows-error-codes

Welcome to windows-error-codes. We aim to be a one stop resource for users trying to find a quick explanation to what those mysterious error codes mean. The title of the website is 'windows-error-codes' but we will also have Cisco, 3Com, Lucent, and Mac error code sections as well.

We will try to give you a brief technical and non techinical explanation of your error and what you should do to correct it. If you come across a solution to an error that we don't have, send it our way, and we'd love to include it in the database!.

Note: This website isn't intented to replace the manufacturers support site by any means, and in many cases we'll actually give you the link to the microsoft knowledge base, or cisco support article, etc... We're looking to be able to help you find your error mesg quickly, understand it in your own terms, and find a fix quickly without spending hours navigating a monsterous support site looking for one specific piece of information.

If you have any questions, feel free to email our technical support department at

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