Error While Syncing.

Explanation: You may get this error when you try to Sync your Android Device. We have seen this error more frequently when attempting to Sync with Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 servers.

In simple terms, the fix is a similar fix for syncing most windows devices. First we remove the account information from our device, reboot/restart, and re-enter the information back into our device, then try to download our messages/sync the device.


1. To to Menu, to "Settings", then to "Accounts and Sync"
2. Find the application with the issue, and remove that from your accounts to manage.

3.Reboot/restart your Android Device

4. Go back to Menu, to "Settings", then to "Accounts and Sync", and add the account back in. After you have done this, attempt to sync (can use the "sync all" button if you wish).

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